Etiquettgifte Camper's Gift Set (1 of each item)

This set includes:
1 T-Shirts
1 Jukebox CDs
1 Set Right Placemat

The Etiquette Factory, the world leader in etiquette education, offers exclusive etiquette camps, training and services all over the world.


 The Etiquette Factory Exclusive Programs

Our Exclusive Manners Program Includes:

• Fun Games & Kind Discussions about Proper Etiquette
• Quick pace & Energetic Learning Styles
• Emphasis on Helping Others to feel Valued
• Take Home Highlights so Parents Know exactly what was Taught
• Lots of Laughter!!
• Guarantee of Improved Behavior & Good Manners

Dining placement

Colourful, fun, educational and even attractive for your table. Illustration of proper table setting along with table etiquette reminders printed on placemats. Laminated for easy cleaning.

Once a week, choose 1 dining etiquette skill from the placemat for the whole family or class to improve on.

Remember, positive reinforcement is key.



Cd image

Hold on to your hats, you're going to love this CD!
18 sing-a-long  jingles, you and your kids can enjoy, while at the same time they will learn manners for all occasions.
Statistics show that children learn faster and remember longer when they learn information through singing, rhyming and chanting.

You and your children are going to be amazed at the fun, yet the wisdom that will be gained through singing these sweet, funny and amazingly entertaining songs about etiquette.
For ages 4 years  through to 10 years.

18 Songs Included:

The Etiquette Factory

When the Telephone Rings

Freddy the Fox

Let’s Use Manners

When We Share

Table Manners Count

Presents, Big & Small

The Mighty Children

Oh How We Need To Be Clean

“Hello” From Me to You

Magic Words

I Don’t Like The Word “No”

Kindness, Kindness

Crazying Cleaning Machines

I’m Sorry

Don’t Be A Bully

Potty Mouth

Being A Guest