Rewards of being an Educator!

Becoming an Etiquette Factory Educator has many rewards, which I’m excited to tell you about.   A few of them are:

• Joining a growing team with endless opportunities
•  It’s your business, you own it
•  Very little start-up cost
•  Income begins immediately
•  Having a support/mentoring staff like no other
• Being a part of a company that succeeds ONLY if you succeed.

The most exciting reward and one that will bring you the greatest joy, is knowing that you are helping to change lives.  The skills that children and families acquire while participating in The Etiquette Factory program, literally can change their future.  We know that families everywhere strive to teach their children proper manners and social skills, but if you’re a mom, then you know the benefit of having someone besides mom and dad  to reinforce what is being taught in the home.  A different voice, a different style in teaching, is sometimes all it takes to help solidify these skills.


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