Frequently ask questions

Do you run casual or drop-in classes?
No, our classes run by enrolment only. We expect regular attendance from our students to maintain a high standard and enable us to work toward a professional annual concert. The majority of our students stay on for the entire year.

Can I enrol at any time of the year?
Yes, enrolments are accepted all year provided there are vacancies. The best time to enrol is Term 1(Sept) or Term 2 (January)

Do you hold an annual registration/enrolment day for existing ELC students?
No. All existing students simply enrol for the year at their first class in Term 1.

How are lesson fees calculated? Payment methods?
Fees are calculated by the term e.g. for a weekly one-hour Dance class, expect to pay $165 per term.  If you chose Academics, music, dance, stage and Etiquette, then it is $450 per term. There is a sibling discount of 20% off the term fees. Bills are sent out at the beginning of term and you have two weeks to finalise payment. Payment may be made by cash, cheque, Paypal or bank deposit.

Will I get a refund or deduction if I am absent from class?
No. If you are an enrolled student, you pay for a term’s fees in advance regardless of attendance. Exceptions may be made for cases involving serious illness, misadventure, or extended periods of overseas travel.

Can I trial a class before I commit to enrolment?
Yes, we offer a free trial class to most newcomers to ELC Academy. You do not need to buy the studio uniform or shoes for this class - just wear your own attire.

Enrolment fees? Costume fees?
Annual enrolment fee is $28.00 (£15) (N3,500) per student.  A one-time $50 (£35) (N12,000) Enrolment Fee and the first terms fee is tuition is due at registration. Currently we do not provide costumes but we have a preferred supplier who we will put you in touch with.                     

As a parent, may I stay inside and watch the class?
No. This is far too distracting and actually impedes your child’s progress. Parents are welcome to observe classes during Open Week, held annually in Term 3. For new students taking a free trial class we allow parents to stay inside (inconspicuously) for 10-15min before leaving the room.

What are the total annual fees I should expect to pay?
It depends on whether all our packages are chosen or just one

Do you offer private lessons?
Private lessons are usually reserved for selected students preparing for competitions. However, upon request we can arrange private lessons at the rate of $25  (£16) (N3,800) per hour.