The Benefits

Girl pictureExpress Learning Centre believes that children are like sponges and soak up what is around.  If it is ‘not cool’ in their mainstream class to ask questions or have an interest in learning then they will not do both.  As they want to appear hip and be accepted by their peers…. They do come out of there shell when they come to us.

Our benefits:

  • Solutions to the problems that have hindered their learning
  • Challenging and stimulating work for the gifted and talented
  • A "sense of belonging"
  • Great rapport with teachers
  • Children will be taught by subject specialists
  • A happy, friendly atmosphere
  • Lots of new friends and socialising opportunities
  • The grades they hope for at ‘their pace’

Express Learning Centre helps to alleviate your child's exam preparation stress. We have pass question papers and do simulation question and answer sessions. Our tutors have an excellent record of success.  Relax and hand over this responsibility to our professional teachers.  We have small classes so that children receive maximum attention.