How it Works

how it worksChildren who want help with their school work want that help NOW.  They want topics being covered at school to be more accessible immediately.  We ease the worries, woes and make learning fun and interactive for your child. We touch on all areas that will enable a confident and remarkably turned out child –

Academics, Etiquette, Character Building & Leadership, Music, Dance and Stage

We make all this possible through:


Our Resources are the entire highest standard, carefully prepared to support the National Curriculum. When national requirements change, so does the Express Learning Centre course books and methods. At their session, students are taught topics of direct relevance to their current school year. The sessions are structured so that every individual works at their own level meaning that those needing extension benefit as much as those who need consolidation or remedial help.
We focus mainly on any area of the curriculum that will be examined and also revision and exam technique.  
Where, a common area within the class is weak e.g. (Algebra) then the tutor will break this down and teach it until the students are competent and knowledgeable with applying this to area in an exam.